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Metal Frame

Walking Through a Metal Game

Alphonse Elric

Far away


October 12th, 2008

[OOC] Profile WIP

• Name: Alphonse Elric
• Age/Birthdate: 17, birthyear approximately 1900
• Species: Human (Alchemist)
o Type: His alchemy is restored, and he can use it to possess objects and occasionally people.
• Canon: FullMetal Alchemist
• Livejournal: alchemistinacan
• Played By: Jason Dolley
• Icon: Not available yet

• Appearance: 5'2", medium-length dark blond hair (usually in a ponytail), light brown eyes. Physically he appears to be fourteen years old, thanks to his body being lost to the Gate for several years.

• Personality: Kindhearted, a little naïve, and completely devoted to his brother Edward. Al prefers to help rather than harm, sometimes getting duped by his own well-intentioned actions, but if Ed is at risk then all bets are off. Al would do anything for Ed, up to and including sacrificing his own life, happiness, and anything he owns if it will save his brother. It is extremely hard to make Al angry, but once he is, watch out.

• History: Alphonse and Edward were raised by their mother, Trisha, after their father, Hohenheim, abruptly left home when the boys were still very young. They learned the basics of alchemy on their own, but that did not help them when their mother fell ill and died, leaving them effectively orphaned. Determined to resurrect her through forbidden human transmutation, they became apprenticed to an alchemy master named Izumi Curtis, who taught them martial arts as well as advanced alchemy.

The boys continued independent study after leaving her guidance, and when Alphonse was ten years old, they decided to attempt the transmutation. It went horrifically wrong, and the Alchemical Gate took Ed's left leg and Al's entire body in exchange. Ed acted quickly, sacrificing his right arm as well to attach Al's soul to a nearby suit of armor in order to prevent his death. Ed chose to replace his stolen limbs with automail prosthetics, and then they burned down their home to start anew, making their way to Central City to become State Alchemists and get their whole bodies back. Al was forced to drop out when a physical examination would reveal his lack of a body, but Ed continued on and achieved State Alchemist status.

The brothers spent years searching for the Philosopher's Stone in hopes that they could ignore the law of equivalent exchange and reclaim their bodies, but not without numerous hardships along the way. In the end, an entire city was sacrificed by an outlaw named Scar in order to turn Alphonse's armor body into the Stone itself. Hunted by homunculi and the military alike, they fled back to their hometown and are reunited with their father, who is sent to the other side of the Gate shortly thereafter. Ed is sent through the Gate as well, fighting his way back only to be killed in front of Al. Al used the Stone to resurrect his brother, completely whole, and is lost to the Gate. However, Ed refused to accept that and sacrificed himself in exchange for Al, who reappears in his ten year old body and with no memory of his years as a suit of armor. Ed is banished to the other side of the Gate, in 1920s Germany, once again without his arm and leg.

Al retrained himself, seeking a way to rescue his brother from the Gate, and he is forced to kill two homunculi to reopen the Gate and allow Ed through. However, this leaves the doorway open for Nazi invasion, and Ed voluntarily returns to Germany to dismantle the portal on that side. Al stows away in the ship, refusing to leave his brother behind again, and becomes trapped as well. Passing through the Gate once more restores his memories of the previous years, and they set off together to stop another man from their world who brought the uranium bomb with him.

• Writing Sample: Not available yet
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